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10-20-2022 10:25:41 AM CST
THE BEST in all my life and 59 years of walking earth. I will see on regular basis. What you see is 1000 times better in person

Peter H.
07-12-2022 2:17:05 PM CST
I took way too long to see Tyra after she let me visit her this morning & was everything a massage provider should be. She got something special without question. My time with her was well spent yes indeed No regret. No disappointment. No complaints. I couldn't stayed all day if I didn't have meetings later. I'll no doubt be back to see her again.

Ross K.
06-23-2022 1:54:14 PM CST
THE best looking I've seen on the scene IMO. SKILLS are 10 out of 10. I'll repeat and will do so often. Glad I saw her ad

I'd be broke living near Tyra
03-28-2022 12:52:25 AM CST
Dayum. Hype well founded. Tyra's a sexy petite short spinner with skin like silk. She brings it to life and shines like a star while doing it. The mirrors on the wall killed me softly. Driving back to Miami thinking about her made the road dreadful. If you local guys keep money when you got a secret heaven and gold mine in this girl. Man its sunshine and rainbows at her place.

Kenny K.
02-09-2022 12:46:09 PM CST
Never experienced a woman like this. Tyra is a erotic vision to watch work. My new GO TO. Will repeat A LOT

Henry V
01-28-2022 12:09:35 PM CST
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ visit. Tyra is a sweetheart. She lived up to her reviews. The service is remarkable. The massage left me wanting to see her again and more often.

Nick N.
01-26-2022 12:30:38 PM CST
No wonder Tyra comes highly recommended. This is my best yet by a mile. Softest skin I've ever felt OMG. I like the safety and seclusion here. That nuru body on body is a mind blower. Outstanding service and stunning beautiful woman. I'll see her again.

Exciting woman
01-08-2022 2:46:02 AM CST
After a pursuit of 3 years to see Tyra, The elusive beauty was even better than I imagined. This massage is wicked awesome. She didn't talk much but the service is top notch. She's got some mystery with her I'd loved to solve. I need a few more visits to crack this code. I'm a fan of the Goddess after my visit tonight. She left a true impression. That addicting aura is delicious

Randy G.
12-29-2021 1:59:11 PM CST
Quite a lady. Real pics, excellent service and very pleasant to be around. Great freaking body. The body on body rub with her wonderful hands had me reeling. Says she likes to watch football, 100% my type of woman. I'll repeat not for the massage which was awesome but just to be around her. Tyra is everything reviews say. It was a pleasure to meet her

12-28-2021 2:44:22 PM CST
I can't remember the last time I felt so good with a woman. Tyra is beautiful and her soft as silk caramel color skin drove me crazy rubbing it all over me. Her attitude and personality is effervescent and her home studio is vibrant. I can't get her body out my head, the thoughts won't quit 3 hours later OMG. I'm pretty paper stacked so price of admission doesn't bother me one bit. I prefer to pay for quality and that she is. Her little Chanel outfit was sexy and she oozes hotness. I will definitely repeat and she has my highest recommendation.

R. Davidson
12-28-2021 1:38:07 AM CST
My only regret after my visit tonight is that Tyra isn't cheaper. Oh the things she does just beg me to go back for more. I had a awesome time. A bit pricey but no problem, I will pay what she wants to see her again. Great place, quiet area and unique setup.

12-23-2021 6:54:33 AM CST
I left Tyra this morning feeling like I struck gold. She's a KNOCKOUT, very athletic, cute tiny shorty and great body. Her perky giddiness is infectious. Oh my god, the service is world class. Tyra rubbed her body o me so good I hated to leave. My day was kicked off with a bang and had a blast. I will admit the session was far more than I expected but worth the 4 donated for her time. I have nothing negative to report. Tyra looked, smelled and treated me awesomely. I will repeat.

Martin M.
12-13-2021 3:24:46 PM CST
I got tons of recommendations from others on a review board about Tyra when I asked for a beautiful AA lady to see in town. Tyra being so loved and sought after is not surprising after visiting her. Skills on skills on skills with a gorgeous face and hot body. The guys didn't sell me a dream on Tyra. 10 star service. I will repeat with her.

12-11-2021 10:00:38 PM CST
Tyra does a great massage. The service and treatment by her is worth donation. Its her in the pics and sexy AF. Very cool place. Massage table, floor bed, everything a parlor has. Service is one n a million. I was able to kick back and relax without any worries. The mirrors and view are awesome. I'll see her again and do recommend.

S. Macklemore
12-08-2021 1:29:34 AM CST
A very impressive loving lady. She accommodated my request for a late appointment & was fun, energetic with me & the massage even at this late hour was super. Tyra is a short little cutie but naturally beautiful lady with no makeup which I say is rare. She dressed up for me & rings on every toe is sexy. Skills galore with volcanic response. I will run back here. Repeat hell yeah

I will repeat
11-23-2021 12:28:36 PM CST
Zero complaints and disappointments with Tyra. Location was very nice, clean and above all else safe. On first sight I could tell by looking at her I was going to enjoy my massage and I DID. Tyra is A-1 class, extremely attractive face and body with milk bath soft skin. She's limber, flexible and that petite tiny clean shaven body screams to be devoured. The scent of her body will make your mouth water during the body to body session. There's nothing lackluster or half assed about her service and she's great at what she does leaving me wanting nothing. Tyra is well worth the $$$ and my 3 hour drive to see her wasn't wasted. I can truly say she was paradise and heaven on earth as promised. I will see Tyra again

C. Neguse
11-13-2021 1:29:46 AM CST
Ms Tyra is all reviews say. The photos are real and she's truly beautiful. I felt at ease instantly. I was even happier to see Tyra's a superstar at her job and few I ever had compare. I can't go into detail but trust me you want this massage. Nothing like it I swear. No denying she a bit pricey but have to admit she's worth it. You can't beat the no fuss no hassle attitude and girlfriend type service. Give her what she wants and you won't regret it. I'll have to dig deep but will be back.

11-11-2021 6:19:37 PM CST
Tyra massage rocked my world & blew my mind. I will repeat this tantra thing with her. This was some amazing stuff here. Nuru massage me anytime.

In awe of this woman and will repeat
11-08-2021 11:18:27 PM CST
Not only smoking MFing hot but one of the sweetest ladies I met traveling. Tyra wasn't stuck up, no attitude whatsoever and I didn't have to say a word. It was like she read my mind and knew what I wanted. She loves her job and looks amazing doing it. Buyer beware watching her work is hypnotizing. I couldn't shake the thought of her or that great visit all day.

Seth M.
11-05-2021 12:34:41 AM CST
No catfish false advertising with Tyra. This massage is unlike any I ever had. She's as good as she looks. Best time and money spent. I will repeat.

One of a kind
11-01-2021 3:36:43 PM CST
Tyra been my favorite the past 5 years. C-19 slowed my travel so I couldn't see my Sunshine for the past year but she was as gorgeous as ever head to toe on my visit today. She'll treat you like royalty and tend to you like a boyfriend. I feel safe with her and she always dresses for the occasion. I'm older than most and limited in areas but she works miracles each time. Money isn't a problem, I can see anyone. Nobody can compare to her so I go back where it don't get no better. Thanks for a great reunion. You're beautiful. I recommend Tyra as long as you don't take time from me lol.

Ansley K.
10-29-2021 8:31:50 AM CST
I saw the ads & thought she couldn't be real but Tyra is real. Photos tell the truth. Lucky me this morning made contact & hit the jackpot. As soon as i saw her ad on "skip" this morning couldn't get to her website & fill out the form fast enough. What a awesome skilled lady & she's just as hot in person as her photos. Softest skin in the world with the short/petite combo adds to her sexiness maybe 5'3 and might be 115 lbs but no more, beautiful fun size spinner. That massage is a mind blower. I'll repeat for sure. I got a packed schedule & I'm sitting at my desk in the office still in a daze trying to gather my thoughts to clear my head. If I wasn't married I'd be pursuing her hard & fast to date. Stamp her with a seal of total approval.

Charles M.
10-15-2021 6:29:34 PM CST
I can say this was the best massage I ever had in my life, age 55 and going. Her skin is like silk and she rubs it all over you slow with lots of teasing and grinding. Then she eases me in to a fantasy I won't soon forget tell you that. The mirrors on the wall just made for a terrific view of a perfect toned butt. The skills on this woman simply incredible. The entire experience was life changing for me. I can't see going anywhere else after feeling like this with her. I never thought I'd see it so I def never said it but Tyra is magic. Hell of a time, hell of a lady. Repeat no question.

Zack M.
09-26-2021 11:26:03 AM CST
I had a very very nice time. The body on body rub was worth 300 but extra special attention blew my mind a thousand times in the hour I was with her. There was no games with Tyra. Fast response, easy directions. I was excited once I saw her couldn't wait to get started. The session was all I wanted with total attention on me. Tyra was safe, slow, seductive and dare I say, romantic. She knows her way with a man. I didn't have to ask for a thing and was denied nothing. I wasted a lot of $$ going other places when everything I wanted was found here. I won't go anywhere else and loved this young lady.

Oh yea, this was hot
09-04-2021 2:25:01 PM CST
Tyra is a fresh faced natural beauty and it was nice to see a lady without wearing makeup that might get on my shirt or clothes The massage was flawless and Tyra has a seductive way of moving her body that put me in a trance. I felt hypnotized and loved every minute. I'd see her everyday if she's like this all the time. I had an awesome session, will see again. Fabulous body and beautiful soulful Goddess indeed

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