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100% worth it
09-03-2021 9:04:38 PM CST
I recommend Tyra hundredfold finding her a wonderful relaxation escape. I enjoyed my session. It was a pleasure to meet this top tier type of lady with world class skills. I've been a lot of places and seen a lot of providers but Tyra plays in my head like a melody. Few meet my expectations but Tyra exceeded them. I'll see gain next game day.

J. Newman
08-30-2021 8:44:07 PM CST
This massage is intense. Glad I got the hour. Will repeat soon.

08-29-2021 3:00:27 PM CST
The nicest lady I ever met with the softest awesome skin. The nuru massage left me speechless with her rubbing and sliding that toned tight body all over me. I hated not having more $$ on me once session started. Tyra made me feel like a man in every sense of the word. Her hug at the door and entire session was what I needed. My only regret was opting for HHR instead of going full hour but i plan to go back. If you can afford this beautiful lady time, I can tell you, she's worth seeing.

08-26-2021 12:20:14 AM CST
Wow, wow and wow. This was absolutely the best relaxation I ever had. Tyra a exotic looking AA with no makeup gorgeous natural beauty and a body made for this nuru thing that sent chills up and down my body. The cuddle part is all intimacy and the service is super. If tantra makes Tyra this awesome, I'll be a regular to go do tantra with her. My massage session worth every cent, dime and dollar. Will repeat

08-11-2021 4:30:31 PM CST
I should've been called her. 5 star lady

Kirby H
08-07-2021 5:01:39 PM CST
A gorgeous sweet young lady indeed. Tyra is terrific. Besides the nuru being amazing she has a cool laid back way about her that put me at ease. I'm glad I got the hour and had time to enjoy this caramel delight. The massage she gives is what a man needs. I'm another regular instantly. I recommend

5 star
08-04-2021 12:42:34 PM CST
If I could afford her daily, she'd be off the market in a hot second. One of the best moments I ever spent with a woman, paid or personal. Tyra not being talkative is true but she made up for it with A-1 skills. As good as she was, saying yes to seeing me was all the words I needed. This one is a keeper and I'll be seeing regularly as means allow.

G. Shields
08-01-2021 5:32:31 PM CST
This angel was a much needed break from home. The full hour was a better than thought going in experience. It was my first visit but not my last having such a peaceful and relaxing time here. Tyra doesn't talk much but she does what a 300 a hour provider should. No complaints and regrets, by me, she did great. I'll be back.

Ron K.
07-30-2021 9:55:38 PM CST
Believe the hype. Unbelievable young woman with the kindness lacking nowadays. She made me feel like I was her BF. She def has the best hugs and she does give a great session. Tyra good as gold and worth her admission donation. 300 well received and well spent for the service she offers. Award winning hips, grammy award worthy lips and great fingertips

07-29-2021 10:22:46 PM CST
Great session with Tyra today. Went in not really knowing what to expect, but was so much better than anticipated. Beautiful lady with the softest skin ever. Her nuru skills are unmatched by anyone else. Her hugs are awesome. Told her I wanted to take her home to be my teddy bear. It was a great escape from reality!!

07-24-2021 11:14:26 PM CST
This was one helluva massage. I never seen one like this without hands. Tyra moves are sumthin else. This was first time getting a massage for 300 and not feeling ripped off. I got the great service and time promised. 5 star session. I will repeat

07-22-2021 6:02:23 PM CST
Tyra is an angel. Her smile and touch are intoxicating. She met me at the door with a great hug, dropped donation on table and had a massage that blew my mind. Replying instantly to my form, her 5 star quality skills were icing on the cake. She really stole my heart with how sweet and nice she is. Be kind when you see her. I'll repeat again

07-16-2021 9:32:13 PM CST
The massage was not like a regular one and far beyond one like I ever had. No expert but had a couple nuru massages & Tyra can carve out a great niche with how does her nuru and awesome way she treated me if this way with all. I liked her and service very very much. If I head this way again will repeat

Jake G
07-15-2021 5:15:20 PM CST
Tyra got some skills. She is so sensual and beautiful. At age 60, I love a feminine slow pace woman. I will 100% go see her again.

Jacob H.
07-12-2021 10:15:32 PM CST
One of the best providers all around I seen from Cali to SC. I got a fast reply to form (less than 20 min) with a great massage & body to body session that followed. Tyra's a beautiful sweet lady that made me feel at ease start to finish. I left extremely happy from service with this young lady.

She was my morning muse
07-08-2021 7:47:17 PM CST
Excellent time and massage with Tyra this morning. Driving in the rain to her place to find such a beautiful lady at the door was worth it. This was my first nuru massage and I fell in love. My patients and staff said I seemed more relaxed today. This sexy flower bomb is what the doctor needed.

07-05-2021 5:36:24 PM CST
SC has a jewel with Tyra. 300 no problem. If you hadn't been call her ASAP. This was my best visit to Cola. I get a lot of massages but my session here topped all others. I'd rather get massaged by her than anywhere I been to. The way she touched me and her skin felt rubbing me sent chills up my spine. I been wasting money on amateur hour compared to what I got here with her. I don't know where God made her but damn I'm glad I went today. My only regret is I live in Maine instead of SC. I already recommended her to a few of my local golf buddies that these are world class skills Tyra has. Take me up on my offer about all expenses paid for flying out to see me spending the week on my boat. I needs you in Maine LOL.

G. Ullyses
07-02-2021 6:03:48 PM CST
My form was replied to quickly and I got to meet this beauty today. The massage Tyra does is the best I ever had using her body and hands was something I never seen before. My visit with her was well worth the tribute and the skills need to see to believe. I'll be back and do recommend her to others who read this.

I want more. Will visit again
07-02-2021 5:02:04 PM CST
My time w/ Tyra was AWESOME. I sent the contact form and she replied in less than 15 minutes. I set up my time and headed to her place which turned out to be a relaxing setting in a nice part of town. I was met at the door by A VERY BEAUTIFUL young woman with a great body and enticing smile. She went out her way to make comfortable and our session was flawless. The body on body was OMFG intense. She does the nuru front and back then allowed me to take over which I enjoyed a lot. I made a few requests and had them all obliged with amazing results. There was no doubt she a professional but I didn't feel like a client. She was GFE in every way but my experience felt more personal than many women I dated. I will see Tyra again and more in the future finding her service better and tons more intimate.

H.S / Tyra so sexy
07-01-2021 12:09:07 AM CST
The reply was quick to my contact form. 100% excited to say my 1st visit was TERRIFIC. I thought she was not talkative but with skills like that who cares. I had nuru at other places but Tyra has a great massage style with her insanely soft body sliding on top of my back then rubbing my chest and stomach with hers was HOT HOT HOT. The nuru was front, back and all over. Even her legs was so soft like her skin never touched a razor. I can't say enough about how sweet she smelled and shower fresh with some, say again, soft great skin. Tyra did what was promised. I left floating. Donation not missed on Tyra, had a awesome massage, she was amazing. will see again soon. Loved my visit. $ range 300. i do recommend

06-29-2021 6:30:44 PM CST
I was very surprised how quick Tyra responded to my contact form but I was happy I got to visit & I'm at a loss of words. WOW it was better than I expected and can't wait to go back. If she's like this all the time, I can't wait for time 2.

06-28-2021 10:26:18 AM CST
Tyra was worth the drive from FLA to see and what a sight she was. That beautiful caramel skin so warm rubbing all over me was something to watch in the mirror. That nuru massage and (it was a REAL nude body on body) put every private couch room lap dance to shame. I came for the nuru and wasn't disappointed. NO BS, Tyra is what she says. 300 with no regret for donation. I left far happier than I expected and looking forward to going back.

M. Taylor
06-08-2021 12:50:59 AM CST
Tyra always been my favorite. I like her because she is very professional private, treats her clients very well, always gives a great massage, don't play games/never call asking for "favors", honest & always available. I feel safe going, been seeing 5 years & I've never had a bad visit and do not EVER been or feel bored with her. I saw her tonight and she's as awesome as ever. TY babe. TTYL

Sean H.
06-07-2021 2:09:02 PM CST
This is what a $300 lady and session should be. Not too talkative, not timid and a firecracker with out this world skills on top of skills. Tyra is a true sensual erotic virtuoso. The short talk on phone almost turned me away but I figured a beautiful piece of lovely like this gets lots of bogus calls so I went anyway. GOOD GOD GLAD I DID. The massage and session with Tyra is one I plan to repeat. Who-hoo, whatta lady. I travel all over country for work and saw quite a few providers but Tyra is by far THE best I came across. I liked her personality and very sweet ways. I enjoyed the body on body massage and the no rush cuddle part. She held me like we had dated for years and kissed my cheek and forehead while we laid together in a very nice embrace. I describe Tyra was more a companion than a escort which I prefer to spend for. Some time a man needs affection more than sex and she fulfilled this need for me superbly. Pics are accurate and she has a naturally beautiful face without all those add-ons. Her body is soft as silk and she smelled of fresh soap and was delicious. For those reading this, I would proceed with her like a gentleman. She's a definite angel, very kind heart and deserves respect. No hesitation, I'll be a regular.

Chad H.
06-05-2021 5:41:55 PM CST
I can't believe I didn't call sooner seeing her ads for years but today was awesome. I will 100% pay her another visit. Don't get much better than her IMHO

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