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Rick K.
05-11-2021 6:05:22 PM CST
I had a total mind blower session with Tyra and the young lady makes my top 2. Very beautiful, accomodating was open to me tasting, touching and enjoying the smell of her soap scented super soft body. I sensed no red flags and she seemed really into me whrer I was able to relax. Located in a nicer location then many of my stops, a higher quality provider, asking donation is worth it. I will repeat and recommend if one can afford.

05-10-2021 9:32:38 PM CST
Tyra massage style is definitely worth the visit. Opted for 300 VIP GFE AND actually connected with her and just enjoyed her company. The massage and service was off the charts but her body scent was so sweet and inviting, I enjoyed the cuddling session most.

Nester MD
04-29-2021 11:18:04 PM CST
I was shocked how good I was treated from start to finish. You will melt from her caress and hug when she opens the door and lets you in when get there. I was EXTREMELY satisfied with my visit to see Tyra. I got the massage I paid for, the extra special attention promised plus a gorgeous young woman who was definitely the ultimate therapeutic girlfriend. I won't say anything else but WOW.

04-27-2021 9:03:10 PM CST
It took awhile to get on phone but well worth the wait. Tyra , sweet as can be took very good care of me giving me a jaw dropping massage & top notch relaxing time. She reminded me of the free love hippie beauties of the 60s. Quite a classy young woman but sensual vixen with that body on body massage style. Had me in a trance will repeat.

04-27-2021 11:18:06 AM CST
Better than expected visit. The skills with this one will blow your mind. I will be back

04-02-2021 5:21:40 PM CST
My second visit today was better than first. I plan to visit again and often. I enjoy his beautiful young lady touch and service.

03-27-2021 9:04:42 PM CST
Pics were accurate thank God. Very very pretty woman, extremely fit in shape body. Session was as great and this nuru massage she did was out this world. I left feeling money was well spent, happy with service and will be back.

Nicholas H
03-25-2021 1:48:42 PM CST
I saw ads many times but never called but now I cannot believe I didn't. Tyra is one of the great ones and I'm glad I went. She went above and beyond to please and the service was all of what I expected. No doubt I'll be back.

Derek J
03-20-2021 9:50:49 PM CST
The nuru here put the others I saw in Columbia to shame. Im not big on massages but Tyra has made me change my mind. I left fully satisfied and her sweet loving ways touching and pleasing me made a great time. 200 for hour, 60 tip and will not miss a dime. The massage and extra attention was well worth it.

Was really nice to meet her
03-14-2021 4:17:14 AM CST
In my dream I fortunate to catch her phone on and left VM received call back. Great timing was at play got call back booked 2 hr and dreamed I was on my way. This dream was with a fit body nicely put together fantasy girlfriend indeed. Respectfully so all I will say is I will return. I didn't see nothing negative and happened to be worth my time and far beyond my expectations. This kind of massage with Tyra skills and 5 star service is exactly what the dr ordered.

Kip Harris
02-20-2021 12:23:31 AM CST
JACKPOT. very very pretty face with a banging petite soft body. I liked her face was not covered in makeup and no worries from makeup being left on my shirt like with others. Excellent service from the awesome hug at door to me walking out. 100% a great massage and very sweet girl

02-19-2021 10:18:44 AM CST
Tyra is a dream come true. I felt a real connection with her and loved her hippie chick sexiness. the way she touched me and rubbed her body on mine was unreal. I enjoyed her energy and will be back again.

Terry K
01-19-2021 12:14:05 AM CST
Asking bout a classy sexy AA lady to get some TLC from, I got a lot of private messages about Tyra on USASG review site from local guys recommending a visit with her so I took a trip tonight to see her and I found my dream girl. If you haven't gone you missing out, this was my best in 60 years of living. Tyra soft skin, tone body, OMG her body scent was delicious. EVERYTHING was great on/with her and I say thanx to the gents who sent me to her. I will be back and cannot wait to feel that caramel body rubbing all over me again. I wish I bought more $$ for more time, leaving her was torture on the way home.

01-15-2021 8:55:45 PM CST
Tyra is a petite bombshell with a stellar set of skills. I went for hour ended up staying 2 and will repeat. My trip from NC to see Tyra was well worth it.

Great visit
01-14-2021 6:33:56 PM CST
Out of all places I been in town, I enjoyed my time with Tyra more. I def recommend seeing her.

George k
01-10-2021 8:36:02 PM CST
Wayyyy better than I expected. That massage with her body was something I never felt or had before. I thought donation was high but not anymore. I prefer to pay for quality IMO higher class ladies bring less drama. Will repeat and recommend. This was a legit service and well put together young lady. I really can't believe I did not call Tyra sooner.

Recommend her
12-22-2020 2:44:27 AM CST
No hassle,no rush,no fuss great massage/service. I walked in,nice hug,very pretty,awesome body for real. IMO, Tyra def worth another visit. I had no disappointments and like she did actual body on body massage that felt so good with her warm soft skin

Mike Lanier
12-21-2020 6:48:39 PM CST
I had a great session with Tyra and will repeat. The service she gives is top notch

12-16-2020 9:33:38 PM CST
This young lady needs a better website to advertise on for the quality she offers. Massage and service was best I ever had. Tyra should be closer so I can see her more. My offer stands to move to Cali and you have my number. I recommend visiting her cuz she is a beauty and sweetheart

12-01-2020 6:55:09 PM CST
After a lot of L's taken going cheap route, I splurged on this massage and was satisfied above anything else I ever had. 300 well spent for the service I got. I didn't have to ask for anything, Tyra took care of me like I was a long lost boyfriend. Great location/nice massage room setup. Beautiful girl facewise and watching her tight, toned body (on point with pics 100%) move in the mirrors on her wall was awesome. This my new go to place and she gets a 5 star recommendation

11-23-2020 7:26:05 PM CST
Better than expected looks, body,location. I had a great visit with all wants/needs met. Massage with her body on mine was out this world. Well worth price and she was a sweetheart. I suggest going to see her.

Biff C
11-17-2020 11:19:09 PM CST
Big plus from offset was pics are accurate and she's great at her job. The kind of massage Tyra does I never had and I enjoyed every second. Easy to set up, 3 call system, very nice area/studio. No fuss, no drama, no fake and let me lead. Well worth the drive from Tulsa.

Beautiful classy lady
11-06-2020 6:30:45 PM CST
Better than expected in everyway from her sweet kindness, her tight fit bod, 100% attractiveness, great service and skills. Her hands and body are a wicked wonderful combo. 300 well spent and will repeat

Will repeat again
10-21-2020 6:52:08 PM CST
Tyra was a great choice to see again. I liked my first visit a lot and came back. Top 1 percent best provider I came across and lots of fun.

10-07-2020 7:53:40 PM CST
Reviews spot on and will repeat. That body to body rub blew my mind.

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