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A keeper
09-13-2019 12:36:20 AM EST
A hard to find ebony unicorn was discovered here. Tyra was ALLLL she promised I could ask for. After a few disappointing visits other places I was happy when I got there. PLUSES: location was in very nice part of town with private driveway and no apartment complex/hotel with people all around. MINUSES: none. I plan to go back before I leave town and again when I get back.

Glad I called
09-07-2019 5:39:58 PM EST
Once I saw her and how beautiful she was I was ALL IN. Her body is so soft and toned. The great experience was a PLUS. After Tyra and some bogus past massages, I won't be going to anyone else but her.

09-07-2019 2:05:22 AM EST
I ran from the hurricane into these lovely arms. First time staying in this city but she sure worth regular visits now. Her skin was a 5 star attraction all its own. Back to home with thoughts of you Tyra. Thank you for seeing me late not wasting my time and being as advertised. One in a million massage

Keith F.
09-04-2019 5:07:40 PM EST
This was a better than expected experience I have to admit. I do recommend and I will repeat.

Best massage ever
08-13-2019 9:52:23 PM EST
This massage was awesome. I always got by hand massage but never body on body one. Not only was the massage top shelf but Tyra is gorgeous. Nothing bad to say. Recommend

08-13-2019 1:20:19 AM EST
I just left an extremely pretty lady who was great to meet. This was a wonderful massage experience. If in town again I will repeat.

Derek N.
08-09-2019 6:15:33 AM EST
I was kinda off put by cash app thing but did it anyway (what's 25 bucks) and received call right away. Trust instant rstored and proceeded booking. I arrived at her place ( very nice area, even nicer place) had a great massage, relaxing time and left feeling like I made a honest trustworthy connection. Not to mention the service was OMFG great and Tyra was drop dead hot. 225 happily spent and glad I went.

Will repeat
08-05-2019 9:49:15 PM EST
I had a very very relaxing time here. The place is great and Tyra was terrific. All I could ask for. Total package bod/beauty and sweet as can be. You won't regret visiting. Reviews was spot on.

Impressive lady
08-01-2019 7:18:28 PM EST
The setting and atmosphere what I liked. Walked in to another world almost. No BS jack shack and very well put together. Service very much the higher admission request. I spent 5 and didn't miss it or regret it. I don't smile paying my mortgage but I did leaving Tyra, nuff said.

07-30-2019 8:59:40 PM EST
Tyra enchants you. My fave to see. She all round a great provider and good person. Seeing her 6 years every week with no bad experience. There is no fear of drama or my safety when with her. She the only ebony I ever saw and will see.

Todd T.
07-30-2019 6:58:43 PM EST
Very beautiful girl with awesome personality. I walked in felt right at home and she gave me the best hug I ever had. Then massage and asked for cuddling therapy upgreade and wow wow wow. Girlfriend like indeed. Looks like her pics and weird to say but she was almost angelic, bubbly and sexy childlike. No offense Tyra. I liked it and think you're adorable. Wonderful experience and 300 well spent and truly was one of kind.

07-30-2019 12:06:10 AM EST
After leaving this caramel cutie, all I have to say is wish Tyra lived in Ohio. I had to sit in car a few after leaving to uncurl my toes tempted to go back in. By a mile my best time with a massage girl. Run, sprint to see her. Agree with Landis above, worth every penny.

07-29-2019 4:22:31 PM EST
This was my first visit for massage in 4 years living in Cola where the service and provider was worth what I paid. Will 100% percent.

Frank Utaliogana
07-24-2019 6:45:13 PM EST
Wow, what a great time and beautiful lady. Pics indeed accurate of body she was like cotton soft with nice muscle tone not a ounce of fat f--ing awesome looking from back. Oh what a turn on Massage was worth trip from VA will make time again to see. Tyra has lots of energy and passion. Others right about sweetness of attitude and total amazing service. I recommend for those who want higher end lady and better than expectation experience

07-16-2019 3:04:32 PM EST
Wow, what a experience. THE best massage I ever had.

07-13-2019 4:50:23 PM EST
Great first time visit and everything was awesome. Will repeat

Geffen Esq
07-12-2019 11:16:43 PM EST
Second in agreement with X 100%. had a massage today and Tyra was sweet as can be. As comfort increased the connection was uncanny like I knew her years but was with a beautiful lady enjoying nice time and lucked up on a terrific massage provider. 5 star for me too. As I hit the road back to VA I will be excited to be returning to Cola in 2 weeks. First stop is back to see her. Worth a call, visit etc

Xavier H.
07-11-2019 9:55:44 PM EST
Ive been seeing Tyra many years for awesome massage and shes a good girl. No drama, no drugs, no demons and always sweet kind attentive when I go. She never talks much but she does her job spectacularly and never rushes time always classy clean and inviting. Years later still she still my all time fave and when you see her that's all you need. With her will say that donation IS for quality you get with service and lady herself.

Tim G.
07-11-2019 4:51:03 PM EST
I'm so glad I went to see her. As advertised a million times over. The massage were skills off the chart. I never had a nuru before but Tyra moved all over my body so sexy like hot oil. Perfect attitude and beautiful face and body. This was a amazing girl and will see again,

07-10-2019 4:24:36 PM EST
I found a keeper with Tyra. Wonderful time was had and cannot wait to visit again. Drove to very nice area to a very place with privacy and private parking (great plus in this town). Once there Tyra tended to my every need and service was awesome. I never met a lady I felt so comfortable with in seconds of meeting. Pictures are accurate but what shows up to greet you is 100 times better looking in person. Great setup with lots of massage tables, beds etc and the massage itself left me giddy all day. Whatever she got its something I've never felt before and I'm going back as much as funds and time allow. In my opinion from others I had displeasure of seeing she the best this town has to offer.

Passing through and glad I stopped by
06-27-2019 11:17:05 PM EST
Tyra was all her reviews said. Very very pretty girl with a great personality and attitude. I forgot this was a service she was so down to earth and kind. One of my better times getting bodywork done in years. Price drop in bucket for the experience

06-18-2019 2:06:05 PM EST
Cola has a gem with this young lady. Nothing like Tyra in Illinois. Local guys lucky to have her. 5 star woman and massage was best I ever had.

A sweetheart
06-12-2019 10:20:40 PM EST
After surgery I have scars and went to personal masseuse due to feeling ashamed of them and made excellent choice because Tyra was so accepting and loving. Her kind and sensual ways was so awesome. I felt confident and like a new man when out the door. You just as amazing as reviews and it was a gift and blessing to meet you. See you next week lovely lady.

Dr. Craig
06-11-2019 1:40:40 AM EST
I got a recommendation to see Tyra and when I called she was all business but once there she was f--king awesome. I had great talk and time with her. I felt like I was with a GF instead of massage therapist. No sham job with massage either. Body to body best thing I ever felt. Worth 3 hour drive from North Carolina in the pouring rain and I'd do it again.

100% worth it
05-28-2019 7:51:30 PM EST
WOW!! FANTASTIC. Tyra was as advertised. I'm repeating as often as funds allow. Last guy before me apparently gave her a dozen roses I noticed while there. I'll bring you some next time too. Thanx for seeing me on short notice and making me feel like a million bucks.

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