07-10-2020 9:50:24 PM CST
I had a great session. Great looking, smelled awesome and went out her way to show me my $$$ was appreciated. I travel to Cola 3 days out the week for work and after seeing her for first time in person, she tops my list. I will repeat.

02-08-2020 12:54:14 AM CST
Such a beautiful lady. 300 well spent. Tyra was warm, welcoming and definitely accommodating. I got the service I was expecting with only disappointment that I didn't bring more money for longer time.


Love her
01-31-2020 2:59:54 PM CST
What a lady this one was. She was beautiful, personable and drop dead awesome. I been in Cola for 6 months and will say that Tyra is #1 in the best so far I met. I can see a lot more visits in the future with her. Thank you Tyra for making me feel like a king.


Daniel S.
01-30-2020 11:11:27 PM CST
I liked Tyra alot. My time with her was awesome above belief. She wasn't talkative but what she does skill wise needs no words. If you can afford, go see her. I plan to repeat as often as my budget allows.

Best I seen
01-22-2020 8:41:33 PM CST
Great location and nice place. Pics posted of body are accurate and she's a real beauty face wise. No signs of demons and drugs but from what I see of her very expensive appearance,jewelry,hair (no wig) doubt seriously there are any. Service off the scale and worth 300 gift. I'll be seeing again and regularly. I didn't feel like a ATM wallet with legs and actually felt a connection with the young lady.

Jeff Bennet
01-21-2020 11:37:30 PM CST
Very very sweet girl and obviously appreciated my visiting. Agree her skills are out this world nonetheless she is just sruck me as a kind person. This kind of massage was new for me but loved her moving rubbing her body on mine. This is a very athletic flexible beautiful lady. I recommend the massage as she was exxxtremely good at it but her great attitude and energetic happiness to have you there (it seemed genuine to me) made me want to return. I went yesterday but returned again today just to see if my last visit was a fluke. Not at all and had a even better time tonight. Will seriously advise on seeing her. She's a sweetie for real.

02-23-2019 2:25:08 AM EST
My time and money was well spent visiting her and everything was AS ADVERTISED. I loved how she smelled and skin was baby soft. Best part for once I met the actual beautiful girl in pics on ad and from what I can tell is drug free, drama free, demon free. Reviews are very accurate and I had a great session. Will see again and recommend.
02-15-2019 2:11:22 AM EST
I was pleased with my visit and Tyra was a really sweet girl who IMHO seemed to enjoy her job. Pictures accurate and much better looking in person. Massage was slow and body on body was worth pay alone. Nothing slack or half ass about her service like other massage girls in town. My new go to. I should've been called. Recommend 100%
02-14-2019 11:28:24 PM EST
First ever massage like this and whoa nelly, this gal was one in a million. Walking in was met by a beautiful sight in red and heels. Disrobed to start massage on my stomach and she slid and grind and kneaded with her body like her hands and the thought is mind blowing. There was no pause in moving to music and lasted all of 30 minutes before flip on my back. Then the sliding on the front began with same awesome feeling and sight. Reviews here are kind of low on details so I gave plenty to make you go see her too. I went to many places and people but found a keeper here. The young lady made me feel like she loved me and on V-Day that's all a man needed. I thank the young lady for a nice and intimate massage and hope many see you and treat her right. You were a wonderful woman Tyra and hope to see you again.
Happy to review
02-06-2019 9:29:36 PM EST
Had my first visit today and this young lady was perfect and my session was best I had. The massage was NOTHING like I've had before in nuru dept with her using her body instead of hands. She has lots of experience with nuru from my past visits to other providers and was def more GFE. I have to say was worth price and left very pleased. If I pass through again, I'm def calling her. I enjoyed myself and her 100%
Harris J.
02-06-2019 2:24:40 AM EST
My visit was everything I imagined and will repeat. Great personality and was stellar massage. My first body on body kind and OMFG,what a massage with a terrific yoga fit body and moves unreal. This worth several repeats. If you like hot, fit spinners this one for you.
01-31-2019 12:12:49 AM EST
For once truth in advertising. One of the best I seen, top 2 in my 60 years on Earth. Well worth another drive back from Wisconsin. Lucky local guys and wish I was close. Next time I visit, I'm coming back.
Nelson H.
01-23-2019 8:17:55 PM EST
Awesome lady. Girl next door pixie petite doll baby. A breath of fresh air in this awful town of skanks, druggies and hookers. Glad I ran across her & stopped the nightmare of finding a good masseuse who looked fit, beautiful, young and was great company to be in.
01-12-2019 2:39:38 AM EST
Loved my visit and enjoyed her alot.
Paul S.
12-23-2018 6:12:51 PM EST
One of the best massages I had. Got the $300 GFE Tantric Escape and worth every cent.
Hartford D.
12-14-2018 2:59:01 AM EST
A beautiful young woman with talent beyond her years. Looking forward to future visits and would recommend.
11-04-2018 10:15:27 PM EST
Have seen many many times but never bored not once. She makes me wish for younger days but grateful for the days with her. Her touch is worth donation.
My new ATF
11-03-2018 10:27:16 PM EST
Went today. F-ing awesome is right. Most beautiful girls who do massage are not too good at it or just don't bother. Tyra was into our session and gave a intimate massage like she was in love with me. I really could not ask for more. She not the talkative type but her actions speak louder. Not a conversationalist but still sexy as f**k silent. In plain english, she the bomb dot com. I'm leaving a review to look at her pics and I just saw her today. Hobby heaven with this one with so low quality massage girls I met. She reminded me of the models in the luxury spas in Ansbach Germany. I found her service noteworthy of comparison to those familiar with Germany. She's like that 🤑🤑
Zack B
11-02-2018 12:07:58 AM EST
Just f-ing awesome.

Go Dodgers
10-28-2018 8:15:54 PM EST
Real deal. Pics tell half of how good she looks in person. Service better than expected with a repeat visit already in mind. Not one to post reviews but Tyra was excellent to me and this gesture is my way of saying thank you. Visit this sweetheart ASAP
R. Easley
10-10-2018 11:33:59 PM EST
One for the ages. I'm in love. Putting Tyra on speed dial. The body to body massage is a wicked piece of wonderful. I'm saving up for a repeat.

09-11-2018 8:07:05 PM EST
I never had a massage with lady using her body and hands to rub but this was awesome. A fantastic time with her. Better than pics with some unbelievable skills. I left wanting to go back soon as I hit highway. Cola will be on my rounds to see Tyra. This is a hell of a lady here. Will repeat. Do recommend
Greg O
08-19-2018 7:38:59 PM EST
A real provider who knows how to treat a man. No run of the mill shady lady here. I'm going to see her again on a reg basis.SMH, Tyra lit up my world.
Dervin Chalise
07-21-2018 7:04:58 PM EST
Tyra made an instant impression. She was happy to see me, gve me an awesome hug at door & the service that followed was every bit as great as the young lady beauty. No need to worry if she's real or safe to see, I give a high recommendation.
Harry Moore
07-15-2018 5:53:43 PM EST
Massage was better than I expected. Well worth another visit. Donation drop in bucket for such a lovely lovely lady. Not very talkative but service still awesome. Will see again
07-06-2018 12:44:18 PM EST
I agree. Great young lady. Extremely attractive. Made me feel right at home and service is fantastic. Will visit again when in town.
I recommend her
07-05-2018 11:36:49 PM EST
For once TRUTH IN ADVERTISING. I was very pleased with everything about her and will repeat. Tyra was a class act and definitely one of few ladies I seen who has their stuff together. She was professional, lots of fun and a pleasure to do business with. She showed up shower fresh, dressed very nice and had long sexy hair like I prefer. Tyra gave me the massage and great time I donated for with no drama and regrets on my side for going.
06-20-2018 10:20:47 PM EST
I made the time to stop by as was very professional on the phone. Once I got there and saw how beautiful she was I could care less how her attitude was going to be or about the quality of the massage, I wasn't about to leave. Turns out she was great to be around and her touch is magic.
04-25-2018 5:21:44 PM EST
5 star lady, loved my visit
03-09-2018 1:16:30 PM EST
Had amazing session with her. Was as beautiful in person as pics. Her service and skills are superb as advertised. Body on body worth every cent of donation.


The Patient Englishman
03-21-2017 1:20:53 PM EST
Guys! Don't just read the reviews... go visit Tyra in person. You will NOT regret it. Adjectives do not do this lady justice. She is like no other... very pleasing, obliging and her talents are endless. I'd contemplated seeing Tyra for a while, now I wonder what took me so long?? I will return and have my mind...blown... again. Do yourselves a favour guys see her soon!!

Vern Harrell
03-19-2017 1:48:49 PM EST
I'll be going back again. Lovely petite cutie pie with a soft toned banging body. Super sweet with skills that left me shivering and shaking. If she bottled what she has and sold it to the masses she'd be a billionaire. No sirree buddy, nothing lackluster, slack or mediocre with this one. Glad I called and went.

03-13-2017 9:40:19 AM EST
I'm not a massage guy but I fell in love with this beauty's pics a month ago so made time to make the trip and she was worth every minute from Raleigh fellas. I walked in to a tender embrace and melted in her arms immediately. I put my gift on the table and received what was nothing short of awesome service. Her beautiful face and soft body will be etched in my head for days and I doubt if a week will pass before i'm back on the road to see her. I couldn't have asked for a better first time massage and her body to body session is smoking hot. Her petite body just fit my body so perfect and loved how she moved. She gets a 10 from me as well. Will def be back again.

03-10-2017 9:13:05 PM EST
Very very pleased with Tyra after some NOT so good experiences at the local spas. For the donation compared to other places, she's a awesome choice. I wasn't rushed and actually felt my being there was desired and wanted. Pics are accurate rep of her athletic body and she's a beautiful AA young lady with the softest skin I've ever felt. She's got a pleasant demeanor and sexy innocence about her you don't find in this biz anymore. Once she got comfortable those stellar skills I heard about were on full display and she's amazing at what she does. Massage was excellent and body to body slide even better. For the price/service ratio compared to other places I've gone I really feel I got my money worth with her and won't hesitate to give her a call when I get back in town. I give her a 10 for my experience but YMMV.

01-21-2017 5:45:50 PM EST
Saw Tyra and after a few terrible massages other places GLAD I FOUND HER. Very attractive lady she was and skills off the chart. For guys who care about service, I'll give her a 10. She's a people pleaser. Massage was 30 mins at least which was plus 1. Her body slide session with her super soft skin and model fit body plus 2. She was great conversation wise and made me laugh with her joking about me being nervous, that made me really relax plus 3, 4 and 5. I have ZERO negatives to report and really had a terrific hour with her. She's one I'm happy to recommend. REPEAT FOR ME FOR SURE.

J. Brewer
11-19-2016 2:08:20 PM EST
WOW. Tyra is by a mile my best experience. Hers is a little out the way place and she treated me like a king. Her conversation and personality will suck you in and the skills just awesome. I'll be back to see her again and often. Pictures do her no justice and the massage is outta this world. OMFG wait to feel her skin, pure silk. I highly recommend

Tom H.
11-17-2016 8:06:28 PM EST
Tyra is a treat and well worth my drive from Charlotte. Beautiful girl with all the awesome trimmings that made me def want to see again. Time and funds well spent with her. The body to body massage was indeed excellent.

10-29-2016 1:29:54 PM EST
Highly recommend Tyra. A lovely free spirited young lady with a little everything a gentleman likes to have. Beautiful, built and bubbly, there was nothing lackluster or half hearted with massage or her service. I found her to be a perfect GFE material provider and if she was a escort those skills would be a high demand commodity in that market. She is however a hidden treasure I assume cloaked in a high price to stop riff raff but worth admission as she was sensuous and sinfully wicked in all she did. Not one to spend this much but in this case she was worth the deep dig and will see again.

10-22-2016 9:02:18 PM EST
I treated myself to a session with Tyra today. I will no doubt be back. Beautiful young woman, fantastic skills and all reviews say. The body slide was the best thing I felt. If I had more $, I'd have stayed a second hour. She's one to see and not to be missed. IMHO, one of my best.

09-12-2016 12:25:01 AM EST
Great lady and sweet as can be. I just left from a visit with every intention of returning. She met me at the door with a beautiful smile and allowed me to actually embrace and hold her for awhile. Moved on to massage, one of the best I've had. Then came the body to body WOW. WOW. WOW. Things just got better and better after that. If you like a take charge and slow seduction, THIS will be it. I can't remember EVER being so into a woman I just met like I felt with her. I had an excellent professional but FUN FUN time with Tyra and highly recommend. I felt safe, appreciated and will end with Tyra, thank you for having me.

09-05-2016 2:12:07 PM EST
Tyra is a pure gift to mankind. Don't delay in visiting her.

09-03-2016 10:41:25 PM EST
Will say same. Had a great session. Great massage by hands and the body to body massage which was alone worth $$ was my favorite part. 3 hour drive was a happy trip after leaving Tyra. Her place is a little piece of heaven and she's an angel.

09-03-2016 8:39:23 PM EST
Where has she been all my life?! One of the most amazing times I've had. Tyra was as advertised and delivered as praised. My session was fun, professional and just all around perfect. Classify her high end quality and service provided well worth the splurge. I will return and definitely recommend visiting. Enjoy gentlemen.

07-13-2016 12:05:31 PM EST
Read a review on another board and yes, Tyra is the real deal. The skills, OMG are award winning. She gives a massage like no other with her body and what a body she has. The skin is so soft I couldn't keep my hands off her during the body slide. This massage is what will have you running to her door. I'm not one for AA ladies but she is as good as it gets in my opinion on that site from what I saw. I'll be paying her another visit real soon. Time and money will be well spent at her place. I was very pleased and veryyyy satisfied.

06-29-2016 1:29:56 PM EST
Tyra is a cut above many and glad I called. One of the most stellar and classy young women I've come across in this hobby and that's saying alot with my track record. I can't believe such a remarkable set of skills and talent came in such a small beautiful fit package. I'm still awestruck. The sweet attitude and hippie personality was a true turn on. I left truly satisfied and looking forward to returning. This little lady is amazing.

06-26-2016 2:54:27 PM EST
Have to give Tyra a review after the amazing time I shared today. I can't say anything bout the sweetheart not already said. She was sweet as can be and I lost all reservations and concerns once I laid eyes on her and she took me in her arms for a loving caress that lsated every bit of 2 mintes allowing me to get enjoy the wonderful smell and insane softness of her skin. No lie about her being a fantasy girlfriend. If she took credit cards I'd still be there. She was the best personal massage provider I've been to and will most surely find my way back to this awesome lady. Time, money and travel from NC well worth it. I have no complaints and recommend seeing Tyra. She's not cheap but you'll be pleased with the total package she is and offers.

06-26-2016 12:38:34 PM EST
Tyra lived up to reviews and delivered accordingly. I agree the looks, body and service are all excellent. No hassle at her place and all around a awesome experience. If I were a rich man, she'd be a rich woman. I look forward to returning.

Theo Harrison
06-25-2016 7:30:30 PM EST
This young lady is terrific in every sense of the word. Beautiful, thin and amazing skills. A real class act. I will repeat and suggest giving this angel a call.

06-18-2016 9:24:25 AM EST
I also had a five star visit with Tyra and will definitely be repeating regularly. The massage, body to body and relaxation was much much more than I expected. The lady is a 100% dream come true. After feeling something in my hour with her that literally made me scream and left me shivering afterwards, I'm almost convinced she was super powers, I can't wait to be in this woman's presence again. By today's market prices, Tyra is more expensive than most but don't be deterred, you get every dime worth with her. This one will be put on speed dial.

5 star visit
05-26-2016 11:57:02 AM EST
Provider, massage and experience were extraordinary. I will repeat.

05-25-2016 6:09:35 PM EST
I found Tyra to be one of the best massage providers I've had the pleasure of seeing. A high dollar price shouldn't deter as overall was well worth it. I will repeat.

Avery J
05-24-2016 10:14:35 PM EST
Tyra is one I won't hesitate to see again. The massage, body to body and just her company was the best money I spent on a massage. If you want a great massage and total stunner, she's a call to make. I been doing the "alternative massage route" a minute and this young woman blows seasoned asians, koreans and japanese providers I seen overseas in my travels out the water. Tyra was F-ing phenomenal.

05-15-2016 4:09:16 PM EST
Beautiful lady with a great attitude. The personal touch and super skills she has are very rare out here from my POV. Had a wonderful time at her place and will repeat. I enjoyed her alot not to mention she has the softest skin I ever felt and the body slide session left nothing on the table.

Carl G
05-12-2016 1:04:32 AM EST
Impressive young lady and very professional in way of business. The massage is def a quality one. The nuru massage is extraordinary. I never saw or felt a massage like this but will be going back for more. She is one to see.

A.Ferguson/ 5 star visit
05-11-2016 6:02:03 PM EST
What a time I had with her. Tyra is a cut above the rest. Very put together look, and beautiful head to toe. From my walk in she was visually stimulating totally awesome and on my walk out I was hooked. As said by many she's a phenom with skills but her attitude and personality top it off. She wasn't talkative but she was non stop amazing left nothing desired. A repeat for sure on regular basis. I recommend. She was everything promised.